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?How can I become a professional Fortnite player

?How can I become a professional Fortnite player

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3 Answers

Andrew Clark, Built enough walls in Fortnite to build China's Great Wall

Practice… It’s all you can do…

Sure you can go watch Ninja and other youtubers for a long time, then try to do what they do, but which is gonna help more? Hands on experience or watching other people? Hands on experience…
Another thing you can do is have a great ping, so if your going against someone, they’ll lag before you do giving you the advantage….
Which console to use? PC… PC players have been among the top ranked when put against PS4, Xbox, mobile, and Switch players… Why?

Even though a PS4 and Xbox can have a better ram system, the controls on PC are just easier/better as you can switch between building walls, ramps, pyramids, and floors with a simple click or a button with a single finger, while on console, you gotta hit 1 button, then slide/shift to what you wanna build, then hit one more button to build it…
Plus you may also turn way faster on PC to surround yourself with walls because you can just slide your mouse far left or right, whereas on console, you can put your joystick to the far left/right, and have to wait to fully turn based off your sensitivity…

Does that mean you can’t become a professional player on console though? NO!!!!

However, PC is way easier to become pro on with the right set-up…
(Not my set-up, just image off of google)

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